Eric Bischoff Weighs In On Whether AJ Styles Should Be Going After World Title Instead Of U.S. Championship

During the latest edition of his podcast on wrestlezone.com, Eric Bischoff recently spoke about AJ Styles winning the US Title win at Madison Square Garden, and whether Styles deserves the World Title rather than the U.S. Title:

On the decision to do the title change at a WWE Live event instead of on WWE TV: Just because it happened at Madison Square Garden doesn’t mean the message doesn’t reach someone in Paducah, KY where WWE will be next week. It could subliminally send a message to those people that, “Hey, it could happen at your live event!” Who knows? I think it was a good idea. Any time you break the pattern of monotony and do something that people aren’t going to expect I think it’s a good thing, generally. Not always but generally I think it’s a smart idea.

On whether AJ Styles deserves to be the WWE Champion and not the WWE United States Champion: I don’t subscribe to that. AJ won the title at Madison Square Garden for God’s sake. The name of the title to me is irrelevant, to be honest with you. He’s getting a ton of camera time. Look at the progress he’s made in such a short period of time in WWE. How could anybody in their right freaking mind say that he is not getting what he deserves? I’m sure AJ would be the first one to disagree with anyone who says he’s not getting what he deserves or that he has earned more. He’s earned a great opportunity, he’s earned a ton of freaking money and the notoriety of people around the world who had never heard of AJ Styles before. AJ Styles is just fine.

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