Mike Kanellis To Make WWE In-Ring Debut Tonight On SmackDown Live

WWE has announced that Mike Kanellis will be making his WWE in-ring debut tonight on SmackDown Live, taking on an opponent whose found a way to be a major nuisance for Kanellis over the past few weeks. Kanellis will be taking on Sami Zayn on tonights SDL, as you can see from WWE’s preview below:

“After weeks of preaching about the “power of love” to the WWE Universe, Mike Kanellis will finally get to show exactly how far that power can propel him in singles competition, as he makes his in-ring debut against Sami Zayn on SmackDown LIVE.

Over the past few weeks, Zayn has run into Maria & Mike Kanellis on multiple occasions, interrupting their declarations of love. Last Tuesday, Maria demanded an apology from Zayn, who responded by saying he’s tired of apologizing. That led Maria to slap Zayn across the face and Mike to smash a glass vase of flowers across Zayn’s back, warning him that sometimes, love hurts.

Will Mike’s in-ring debut be a success, or will Zayn get a measure of payback?”

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