Ryback Discusses Why His Issues With CM Punk Started

During a recent edition of his podcast (on wrestlinginc.com), Ryback spoke about his issues with CM Punk and Vince McMahon. You can see his quotes below:

On When His Issues With CM Punk Started: “After I had been up there are started doing the ‘feed me more’ chants, Vince [McMahon] took away all my stuff, which I wasn’t allowed to do the taunt or anything and I was working heel the whole time. It was taken away from me and everybody in the company knew it was taken away from me, told [to] me not to do it anymore for whatever that whole f–king period was. And he started doing this, ‘CM Punk! CM Punk!’ trying to do the arm taunt with it, and it was both ‘CM Punk’ [chant] and ‘GTS’ [chant], it was both, I believe, but people would do, ‘feed me more’ when he did it and they would try to and it never caught back on again, but I remember it was just so petty, I thought at that time, and it’s not whatever, but it’s something that eventually after him doing it again, I was in the locker room. I saw it on the monitor. I had my boots off. I was getting changed and I said, ‘f–k this’ and went into ‘Gorilla’ [position] and when he came back there just said, ‘I don’t appreciate you doing this. That was taken away from me. That was my thing. I got it over’ and he was caught off guard with the whole thing, like, ‘I was f–king doing that before!’ And I go, ‘you didn’t get it over. I did.’ And he wasn’t happy. That’s when he really started to hate me.”

On Vince McMahon Being Upset About Him Going Off Script: “I got in trouble multiple times for doing things much less… just like, off-the-cuff that got great reactions that Vince would get mad at because that wasn’t verbatim off the page. When people always say, ‘these guys need to go off the script,’ they don’t understand it depends who you are at times. That hurt me more than anything on promo stuff. And he would get furious with me at that. It was disappointing because it was never a lot.”

On Being Booked For The Long Island, New York Eternal Con at The Last Minute: “We got it thrown together last minute. It was definitely an interesting ordeal… deal and ordeal. Nobody knew I was f–king going to be there! My first instinct was just ‘f–k it, I’ll have a two-day vacation in New York and not do the signing because not being advertised is kind of like… I always want everything to go really, really well. Ryback explained, “it’s just perception and I go, ‘somebody will say something.’” I got the one CM Punk fan guy and I knew it was him and his wife walking by on Sunday and they were a heavyset couple, which is irrelevant, but not because they’re f–king marks. And the guy kept looking over at my table and I’m not advertised, nobody knows I’m there, and traffic, three or four people come over, two people, six, seven people come over, and then, you’re waiting five, 10, 15 minutes and it’s all dependent on when people see you, but it’s a constant flow of people in the two or three hours that you’re there. This guy happens to walk by when I had nobody there at the table and it happened… Tommy Dreamer is over there, Bubba Ray is over there. We all go through periods of when people are at your table or aren’t at your table. That’s what these things are, but this one guy is walking by and he’s looking over, belly laughing, just hunched over, laughing hysterically. And I’m just thinking, ‘I’d like nothing more than to get up right there and snap this motherf–ker’s neck.’”

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