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The Fall Of The Beast: Why Brock Lesnar’s Reign Of Dominance Must End At SummerSlam

For many full-time American workers, it is a dream to get full time pay, benefits and work part time hours. That would be the life of luxury. Now, couple that with being a leader of your place of employment, and it’s safe to say that you would be on cloud nine. One man is living that dream in WWE, and I say that dream needs to end,  making WWE a better place for it.
Brock Lesnar must lose at SummerSlam. Pinned cleanly, in the middle of the ring, and be WWE Universal Champion no more.
Let me begin by saying, when Lesnar returned I was a fan of his schedule. His matches had a big fight feel to them and he was against marquee opponents. When he became WWE Champion, I supported that decision, as it was the next logical move after he ended the streak. Now, the novelty has worn off. WWE and Raw in particular has plenty of individuals that are capable, and deserve the opportunity to be the face of the company.
Detractors to my point will say Brock makes the championship meaningful by not having it around all the time. However, WWE ratings (RAW in particular) have been plummeting. There are many factors to this, but it’s almost indisputable that having your top champion around would make things better. People would watch, especially since that champion is Lesnar, and he is every bit of the box office attraction he’s billed to be.
Secondly, with ratings trending like they are; a true leader would come through. They would work additional days to get the company out of their rut. They would try to put over younger talent. They most certainly would not come and go as they please. They would not be backstage saying who they would or would not drop the title to. They would care about what is best for the company, not just themselves. Also, the current actions of Lesnar are Machiavellian at best and downright cowardly at its worst. It is rumored that during International Fight Week in Las Vegas (July 4-9, 2017) Lesnar met with UFC officials about a possible return. This was followed up with news that Lesnar had filed to be back in the USADA testing pool (required to make a comeback). Finally, it is also rumored that Lesnar has informed WWE he will not re-sign with the company following WrestleMania 34. Why wait, WWE should accommodate him after SummerSlam and give his spot to someone that deserves it.
Pro Wrestling Illustrated recently published the top WWE money earners. It comes as no shock that Lesnar tops the list earning close to $6 million yearly, for PART TIME WORK (and shoddy work depending on your opinion). WWE has had budget cuts recently and one could say this albatross that is Lesnar would loosen the belt strings. Subtracting the bigger issue, which is his rumored attitude, dare I say would help company morale. Then maybe, just maybe the guys not getting chance would be driven to work harder and a better product comes from it.

This is a pivotal time for WWE. NJPW and ROH are making very competitive strides and the new GFW seems like they are going for the best former WWE talent they can find. This is the time for WWE to make a change. The change starts by slaying The Beast. It doesn’t matter who Lesnar faces at SummerSlam. Reigns, Strowman, Samoa Joe, and heck I would even settle for James Ellsworth at this point. The fact is this, Lesnar’s dream accommodations must end in the form of a brutal and nightmarish (for him) pink slip and it MUST be delivered at SummerSlam.

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