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New Japan G1 Climax Night 3 Preview And Predictions

Following my undefeated 4-0 record after day two, you people might have thought (or hoped) I was going to walk away, well you would be wrong. I’m back to destroy my perfect record and put things back to normal with my G1 Climax Day 3 predictions. Day 3 kicks off Friday morning at 5:30 am EST with A block action. If the first two days are any indication this is going to be an amazing tournament and Korakuen Hall will be electric.
Tesuya Naito vs YOSHI-HASHI: This has match of the night written all over it. HASHI was impressive with his victory over the legendary Yuji Nagata. But Naito is my pick to win the A block so I’m going Naito.

Prediction: Tesuya Naito

Kota Ibushi vs Zack Sabre Jr: I really enjoy Ibushi’s work. I also feel Sabre is a touch overrated at this stage of his career (sorry, I’m not sorry). But I think Sabre Jr is on a roll and I think he wins this match. However Ibushi going over would not be shocking. This match has potential to tear down the house.

Prediction: Zach Sabre JR

Yuji Nagata vs Hiroki Goto: I remember watching Yuji Nagata on Monday Night Nitro and always enjoying his matches. It would be nice to have him make some noise in his final G1 tournament. My head says Goto, my heart says Nagata. When you’re undefeated, you can go with your heart once or twice.

Prediction Yuji Nagata

 Togi Makabe vs Yomohiro Ishii: Ishii is becoming my favorite non Bullet Club competitor on the NJPW roster. His NJPW United States Championship tournament run was remarkable, especially his match in the finals against eventual winner Kenny Omega. Makabe is hard hitting just like Ishii. If you love strong style, this match is cannot miss for you. I give the nod to Ishii

Prediction: Tomohiro Ishii

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Bad Luck Fale: Tanahashi is the NJPW Intercontental Champion and despite and injured bicep has put on some great matches lately. Bad Luck Fale is a monster, too many he is just a bit player in this block. To that I say not so fast. I think Fale gets the upset win here. Setting him up for a title shot down the road.

Prediction Bad Luck Fale

A Block Winner: This block has many candidates to win but I’m going with Naito to face Omega in the finals. He has been on a monster role as of late and it’s time to see what he can do in a big time spot.
Dark horse Candidate: After the showing Tomohiro Ishii had at the G1 USA Special it would not be surprising to see him win the A block. He is fun to watch and his hard hitting style makes him a fan favorite. I would very much enjoy watching Ishii vs Omega part 2 in the final. Bad Luck Fale is an option here as well for the same reasons.

Match of the Night: Tesuya Naito vs YOSHI-HASHI

Watch for: Zach Sabre Jr and Kota Ibushi could steal the show. Sabre is a high-flying technician that could really make some noise in this tournament. Ibushi is a name player in NJPW and these two together is quite a combustible element that should be very entertaining.
Stay tuned to for the latest news, updates and analysis of the G1 Climax tournament!

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