New Japan G1 Climax Night Four Preview And Predictions

Fellow readers, you may pop the champagne. My undefeated streak is over. Even though I’m still above 500, I’m going to do my best to trash that record and predict NJPW G1 Climax day 4. Day 4 contains B Block action. It kicks off June 22, at 4:30 am EST and is held at the legendary Korakuen Hall.
Kenny Omega vs Tama Tonga: The Bullet Club explodes as The Cleaner and the Bad Boy collide. This match, on the surface; looks like an easy win for Omega. But Tonga has been very impressive in singles competition. Omega had a gutsy performance in his win against Minoru Suzuki. I give Omega the nod.

Prediction: Kenny Omega

Minoru Suzuki vs SANADA: This has me giddy with excitement. The insane, hard-hitting, shoot style of Suzuki against the cold, calculating SANADA. Quite frankly, this match will not be for the weak of heart. Both combatants ignore the rules and go for broke. I like SANADA, but Suzuki is the call here to get him on the board.

Prediction: Minoru Suzuki


EVIL VS Juice Robinson: Even though I predicted it, still shocked that Juice Robinson went over Kojima. EVIL had a very physical match with his stable mate SANADA. Does that carry over to this match? The more important question is does it matter? Robinson is on quite the roll. I’m going with Juice

Prediction: Juice Robinson

Kazuchika Okada vs Michael Elgin: Okada had an easy matchup against Toru Yano and Elgin suffered a tough loss against Tama Tonga. Okada is a tough out against anyone. It would be nice to see Elgin get on the board, but it won’t happen here. Okada gets the W.

Prediction: Kazuchika Okada

Satoshi Kojima vs Toru Yano:  I really enjoy Yano’s gimmick. But a gimmick will only get you so far. Kojima was upset by Juice Robinson and will likely have a chip on his hard-hitting shoulders. I think Yano is in for a very painful, one-sided bout here. Kojima wins this no brainer.

Prediction: Satoshi Kojima

Match of the night: A couple of different contenders here but I think Suzuki and SANADA steal the show. It will be hard-hitting and they will battle throughout the arena. Any match that follows this one will have a tough act to follow

Dark horse match of the night: Kenny Omega and Toma Tonga. Anytime stable mate’s battle, it has the potential to be good. But these two remove that potential. Just realize it is going to be can’t miss. Don’t be surprised if this match is talked about for weeks to come.

Potential Upset: Michael Elgin has the tools to upset Okada. If he does it just might be the upset of the tournament. Tama Tonga is included in this as well. Just for the simple fact that anyone that beats Omega or Okada before those two face off, it would be a MAJOR upset.

Stay tuned to PWHaven.com for breaking news, analysis and updates as the G1 tournament rolls on!

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