Ryback says WWE Women Should “Play Up Their Sexiness More”

– Ryback has been getting some heat from wrestling fans for claiming that women need to play up their sexiness more in an interview with You can read his quotes below:
On Women Needing To Play Up Their Sexiness: “This is what I’ve always said the women are lacking today, is playing up to their sexiness,” said Ryback. “. and just like shaking their ass. I was like if a girl did that today, she’d be the most over Diva on the roster. That’s why I always like Melina doing the splits before. Not to be like a creep… this is what makes women different than men because the women they can do all the moves, not as good as the guys (laughs). They can’t climb ladders. We’ll talk about that. That’s a joke, guys.”

On Men Watching Women’s Wrestling: “No but like that’s the one thing they have over men, that sexuality. Men can sit there and tell their wives that, ‘No, I’m just watching wrestling hun.’ And that comes on and they get away with watching it. Like they should play up to that. They could still do all the wrestling stuff, but just throw me some sexiness in there. I’m not saying they’ve all got to go shake their ass on the top rope,” Ryback explained. Just play up the sexuality a little more. It’s very subtle and I’m telling you it makes all the difference for that casual viewer.”

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