New Japan G1 Climax Night Eight Preview & Predictions

Shockingly, I’m still above .500 in my picks. While I’m happy about that development, a family member informed me that the tournament isn’t even halfway over, and that was a real shot to my confidence. However, I shall carry on to day 8; B block action. The event takes place in Niigata and kicks off Thursday morning at 5:30 EST and leads into a one day break before starting back up Saturday morning.

Kenny Omega vs Michael Elgin: Have I said what a BIG fan of Omega I am? And, how much I dislike Michael Elgin? Okay good. Now that we have that cleared up, I’m looking forward to this rematch from the G1 Special tournament.  I think given the situation these two will outshine that match. But, let’s be real here. We know who I’m picking…..

Prediction: Kenny Omega

Minoru Suzuki vs EVIL: This tournament has allowed me to embrace LIJ. I think they are a very entertaining group with very talented wrestlers. I feel EVIL could be a breakout start the next year in NJPW. I’m quite shocked Suzuki only has two wins. This match will go a long way to see how both of these guys finish. This could be the match of the night and I think LIJ gets involved somehow.

Prediction: EVIL

SANADA vs Toru Yano:  This is a matchup of shockers. I’m shocked that Yano has one win. I’m as equally shocked that SANADA only has one win. As much as I love Yano’s gimmick, I do not like him in this matchup.

Prediction: SANADA

Juice Robinson vs Tama Tonga: I felt at the beginning of this tournament, Robinson would be undefeated going into this matchup. He is not. I also felt Tonga would give him his first loss. This match features a slight contrast in styles that should be fun to watch. Tonga gets the nod in the end.

Prediction: Tama Tonga

Kazuchika Okada vs Satoshi Kojima: To me, the biggest shocker of this tournament is that Kojima is winless. Okada has looked off so far. Don’t know if the schedule is getting the best of him or there is an unknown injury but he has not looked like Okada. Could be ripe for an upset at the hands of a win desperate Kojima. I picked against Okada in his last matchup. Not doing it now.

Prediction: Kazuchika Okada

Match of the night: While Omega and Elgin are going to put on a show, I think Okada and Kojima will steal the show. I think we see Okada deliver a great match against Kojima. I think their performance will be the highlight of the night.

Upset of the night: This preview is void of upsets but it would not shock me to have Elgin go over on Omega. Either Okada or Omega has to lose before they face off the last night of B block competition. So why not have it here? NJPW loves to play off the fact that Omega has difficulties with Elgin. This would only drive that point even more.

After this night of completion there is a one day break before we return Saturday morning. As always, stay tuned to PWHaven.com for up to date news, information and analysis regarding the G1 tournament and all of professional wrestling.

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