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PWHaven Exclusive Interview: Da Hit Squad Discuss Americanrana, RPG Vice Issues, Beyond Wrestling Status

This Sunday, Beyond Wrestling holds their biggest show of the year, as Americanrana takes place at The White Eagle in Worcester, MA. Headlined by Matthew Riddle and Joey Janela, Americanrana is legitimately stacked with talent from top to bottom, and PWHaven will be bringing you multiple interviews with the stars of the show leading up to the event this weekend. Undoubtedly, Da Hit Squad have been two of the most consistently impressive, and destructive stars of Beyond Wrestling for quite some time, and the fans of Beyond have come to know DHS will deliver each and every month. This Sunday, however, things will certainly be very interesting as Roppongi Vice makes a rare Northeast appearance in Beyond to challenge Da Hit Squad, and if Maff and Mack’s comments below are any indication, this one could leave those in attendance talking for a long time to come. Also, DHS comments on their recent issues with Beyond management, who they view as the next breakout independent stars, and much more:

Tim:  “First off, going back in time a bit, I was in the building at Fete Music in November 2015 when you guys closed the show, winning Tournament for Tomorrow in an awesome performance. After the match, you both were very passionate about the victory and your time in Beyond. How important was that night to each of you?”

Maff: “Tournament for tomorrow in 2015 was special to me because I knew Beyond is place that has a solid young roster of future superstars. It felt like once again DHS earned their place at the table. Earned is a word we take seriously because we have EARNED everything we’ve gotten through out our career. We have to EARN everything yet we’ve never gotten a break. Whether its shitty politics, personal issues, too fat, too old, your bald, you guys look too real, you wear tee shirts, no enough facial hair, its raining outside, it’s snowing out, and you guys are going to scare the children… I’ve heard every bullshit excuse from every single promoter/agent/ producer/booker and person of power. The fans have always had our backs, 100%. I love our fans and will run through a wall for them. Performing like that in front of that crowd at the Fete, and being able to do it with our good friends/family members like EYFBO was one of the most memorable performances of my career.”

Mack: “Going back to 2015, I was starting to remember who Da Hit Squad was. We were teaming up but it wasn’t a regular thing. I still was teaming with Kyle The Beast in other companies. But something huge happened. The passing of Fat Frank, owner of Jersey All Pro Wrestling. He meant so much to both Maff and myself, not just in our careers, but in our personal life as well. He was the one who gave us our first opportunity in pro wrestling to be the stars of the show. Beyond was giving us a chance to be reborn. That weekend all I heard was Frank in my head and when it was all said and done, I just wanted to make him proud of his creation. So many times I always doubted myself, and when the three was being hit on the canvas, for the first time in a long time, I felt like I belonged again. The last 15 mins of that match was brutal but you’ll notice the common theme of EYFBO bringing it out of us and Da Hit Squad doing the same for them. But that cemented that DHS had some more gas in the tank and that we were the stars we believed we were in professional wrestling.”

Tim: “My first ever Beyond Wrestling event was in May of 2015, and on a card where they had a crazy War Games match, and a match between Chris Dickinson and Samoa Joe, I left that building raving about a match between two teams I was very unfamiliar with at the time – EYFBO vs. Da Hit Squad. I’ve spoken with EYFBO many times about that match, and so I want to bring it up with you as well. What do you remember of that match, and at the time, did you feel it was something special?”

Maff: “The card was headlined by Joe vs Dickinson and the War Games event they had built up between Crusade for Change and Beyond Wrestling, but at the end of the night the one match that absolutely stole the show was the old dudes DHS and them damn extra tough EYFBO! We tore the fucking house down and stole the show! EYFBO brings out the absolute best in DHS. They earned our respect long before Beyond Wrestling, in an old tight 4th floor building in Brooklyn NY in the finals of a tournament that came down to EYFBO and DHS. As soon as Ortiz and Mack tagged out to myself and Draztik and we stood across from each other,the power blew out and the crowd was crazy, Draztik And I looked at each other and we charged other like two angry pit bulls went head to head and the magic between EYFBO and DHS was born!”

Mack: “We always feel as though promoters love to put us in rough spots and that night was nothing different. Mike and Angel were the young lions who needed to have that match where everyone noticed them for good. I know sharing the ring with Da Hit Squad on a big stage was something EYFBO wanted and took as an honor. But at that time, Dickinson was on fire and Samoa Joe had something to prove right before he debuted for NXT. They had a series of three that weekend and each match was better than the last. Then you throw in that crazy war games match that was just filled with so much emotion and insane bumps. Maff and I just took EYFBO to another level and did what we could to steal the show. That’s what we do every time we are in Beyond, but we take it to another level with Mike and Angel. We aim for the stratosphere with them. That was the night they got cemented as our successors.

Tim: “Last month in Melrose, we saw you absolutely annihilate Massage Envy, and after the match you had some very heated words for Beyond owner Drew Cordeiro. What’s created the apparent riff between you and Beyond Wrestling?”

Mack: “Basically we know our worth. When we wrestled War Machine, a match that was being labeled by the fans as a dream match, up until the friday before the show, no one had promoted the match. I had to call them out to which the next day, to which War Machine responded with a harsh response. For about 5 or 6 shows in a row, whenever there was a poster of the show put out, we were seeing part-timers being advertised, yet we were constantly putting out either match of the night or second best match of the night contenders. It gets frustrating because we go all out for the fans of Beyond but the office doesn’t go all out for Da Hit Squad. If you want proof, I know its been sold out since the day the tickets for Americanrana went on sale, but when was the last time you heard anything about DHS vs RPG Vice? One of the hottest teams in New Japan, making a rare east coast appearance against the legendary Hit Squad and you can’t promote that? Not to mention that Trent has legit hate for me and has called me out on a shoot because of something that happened years ago, something that has current WWE stars and staff talking about online, yet not a single mention? What is it? Do we not need to sell DVD’s/blu-rays or the on-demand service? Because I’m pretty sure our match is something that would help sell more of that stuff.”

Maff: “Last month in Melrose was just the same old crap we’ve been putting up with since the beginning of time. Management promised us one thing and then done something else, ,including making a fucking point to fuck with us in front of the younger locker room to use us as an example. Total bullshit in my opinion.

Tim: “Americanrana is Beyond’s biggest show of the year every year, really it’s their version of WrestleMania. This year, Beyond has brought in Roppongi Vice to square off with you. How do you feel about the matchup with Baretta and Romero, and is this the marquee matchup that you’ve been demanding from Beyond?”

Mack: “Last year (at Americanrana) I had a family emergency to which I had to leave the building mere minutes after I got there. You have no idea how much it burns me that I had to do that and miss the last show at my favorite venue, Fete Music, as well as miss out on teaming with Homicide, Eddie Kingston, B Boy and Maff. That’s my family, and I feel like I let them down by not being there. 366 days later and you best believe that no matter what my legit personal issue is with Trent, I’m going to show up with a purpose and passion to steal the show. I have so much respect for Rocky Romero. About 12 years ago, I went to go try out for New Japan in Los Angeles. I got disqualified, I’m pretty sure because I had worked for Big Japan which at the time was a no-no, but Rocky made sure that I got a chance to work in front of one of my idols, Masahiro Chono. Afterwards, Chono shook my hand and said great job. I still didn’t get hired but to me that was pretty cool. I’ll never forget Rocky for that. He’s the most successful Gaijin in New Japan history. As for Trent, I don’t care too much for him. He doesn’t suck. Hes talented. But he’s one of these new generation workers who would rather be cool than a great wrestler. I’m not going to go out of my way to hurt him but if he tries anything, I swear to everything that is holy that I am going to end his career in that ring. 

Maff: It’ll be ok as long as RPG don’t think there gonna big league us because then they will be put in the place with everyone else. Ya wanna call it a Marquee matchup, ok fine. All I wanna do is perform at a level that the Beyond fans deserve.

Tim: “Pretty standard question here – you guys have had an amazing career together. What is one, or some, of your favorite matches you’ve had throughout your career? Do you have a favorite opponent?”

Maff: “Touring Japan and Puerto Rico together with Homicide was very special for me. Being inducted together with Homicide and Monsta Mack to the JAPW hall of fame was also very special. Anytime DHS and the Briscoes hooked up for a fight, it was gonna be special. EYFBO is my favorite opponent of all time, they bring out the best in us. I’m very proud of those two guys, nothing but love and respect for them.

Mack: “Without question being in Japan is the tops. For a bunch of guys who were supposed to be nothing and came from nothing, Homicide, Low Ki, Maff and myself were all in Japan on the same week alongside our other brothers The SAT and Amazing Red. When you think about that, the only thing comparable is when the West Texas Crew did that in the 70’s/80’s. It was an incredible journey together. Then you add into that us being the inspiration for and starting Ring Of Honor, and you can say we have done some pretty cool stuff with out time in the ring. As for opponents, I have to say EYFBO, any combination of  Team Pazuzu, SAT, The Briscoes, Special K and War Machine. Special shout out to DIY because that match was so special to Maff and I. It kept The momentum up from TFT4 and made the fans love us even more. 

Tim: “Many teams credit you as being mentors and major influences on their career. I can speak to EYFBO saying such things, as they’ve done so both publicly in Beyond and privately in discussion with me. Who are some of the other young guys or teams you have your eye on as potential stars?”

Mack: “Having a major say now in the return of Jersey All Pro Wrestling, basically everyone you see on that lineup are people who I see as having so much potential. First and foremost, my guy is Kyle The Beast. He’s such an animal in the ring. Reminds me of a young Maff but more agile. Its incredible the stuff he can do and he needs to get to TV already. Next is TJ Marconi. So big and strong but can float like a light heavyweight. Arcadia is someone who I’ve been mentoring almost since day one. He is just now starting to see in himself what I’ve been preaching. Hes another one who needs to be on TV. Private Party we had a classic with at the Beyond X HOG show last summer and I’ve been a fan since. They have that IT factor. A few more names to drop are Matt Macintosh, Mike Orlando, Penelope Ford, Mathias Glass, Anthony Gangone, Jake Parnell, Blk Jeez, Chris Payne, Darius Carter and Jay Shlak. Those are the guys who aren’t indy darlings yet to me, but they soon will be.”

Maff: Potential break out stars:
The Heavenly Bodies
Apple Core
Anthony Bowens
Bobby Wayward
Nikos Rikos
Chris Payne…. He paid me $100 to put him over like that….

These are my guys. Guys that I would fit into any locker room anywhere.

Tim: “One thing I love about connecting with Mack on social media are his interests outside of Wrestling. We see a lot of posts about gaming, and lots of amazing retro video games and systems. What are some of your favorite games of all time, wrestling or otherwise?”

Mack: “I’m a Sega Fanboy for life so games like Sonic and Golden Axe will always get love from me. I think my favorite non-Sega IP is the Street Fighter series, Ghouls and Ghost series, Fire Pro Series, anything Super Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat (which I’ll be forever jealous that a certain cousin of mine got to do the mocap on and called right after to brag about it. JERK!). I am in the middle of putting together a MAME arcade. Its taking forever because I never have time to dedicate to it but it’s moving along a lot faster this summer and I hope to have it done by the fall.

Maff: “My favorite hobby is helping the young stars of tomorrow and making sure they don’t get cheated and screwed over like I did. I love what I do at WrestlePro, and my job being the scenes as an assistant on staff as a coach. It’s the greatest experience for me because I get to help young prospects become must see talent.”

Tim: “Any final words for Roppongi Vice, Beyond Wrestling, and its fans heading into Americanrana on July 30th?”

Mack: Like I said earlier, I have nothing but respect for Rocky. He’s an extended member of the DHSFam with his time as a Rottweiler in ROH with J Train and Homicide. I expect to see him, fur coat, eye patch and theme song going all out. Trent said he wanted for real to beat up Monsta Mack for treating like a piece of shit when I threw him about 30 ft from a ring to a wall when he was 18. He calls it being bullied, I call it paying dues. He should thank me. If that doesn’t happen, then he doesn’t put on weight to make sure no one throws him like that again, WWE doesn’t notice this pretty boy idiot and he doesn’t get signed. Whatever the case, I’ll meet him in the ring. He wants to throw hands, he gets the first shot. If he doesn’t drop me, he better run because straight up I’m gonna finish what I started. Just be ready because it could be the potential last time you see DHS in a Beyond Ring depending on how things get. 

Maff: Roppongi Vice, I can care less. I really don’t give a shit at all…don’t get stupid and nobody gets hurt, that’s all. Beyond Fans, this could be our last time in front of you, ya never know if we’re going to be bought back or not, but if it is the last one, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET HOW FANS PUSHED AN OLD WARRIOR TO DO THINGS FAR OUT OF HIS CAPABILITIES……. THANK YOU, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU ALL!”

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