PWHaven Exclusive Interview: Brandon Watts Talks New Singles Career, His Americanrana Match With AR Fox and More

This Sunday, Beyond Wrestling holds their biggest show of the year, as Americanrana takes place at The White Eagle in Worcester, MA. Headlined by Matthew Riddle and Joey Janela, Americanrana is legitimately stacked with talent from top to bottom, and PWHaven will be bringing you multiple interviews with the stars of the show leading up to the event this weekend. Today, we chatted with one of the brightest new stars of Beyond Wrestling, Brandon Watts. Watts had appeared in Beyond and other places repeatedly as part of the tag team Milk Chocolate, but after his partner Randy Summers decided to leave the business, Watts has found himself building quite the reputation with his stellar individual work. I caught up with Watts to ask him about that transition, his match this Sunday against AR Fox (Dante Fox from Lucha Underground), and more.

Tim: “You just recently began a singles career, as your longtime partner Randy Summers recently left the business to pursue other interests. How difficult has the transition from tag team to singles competitor been for you?”

Brandon: “It has been challenging but I’m confident enough in myself to make it to the top. So yeah, it’s complicated but worth it. “

Tim: “You suffered a major neck injury inside a Beyond Wrestling ring only months ago. Now, you’ve not only recovered, you’re preparing to step inside the squared circle at Beyond Wrestling’s biggest event of the year. How has the preparation and anticipation been for this match? Is this one of the biggest moments of your career?”

Brandon: “Hands down the biggest moment of my career thus far, I say thus far because I plan on having many more this year.”

Tim: “You’ve had two stellar matches with AR Fox at this point, however you’ve been on the wrong end of referee shenanigans both times, leaving you 0-2 against Fox in a Beyond ring. How do you avoid a similar outcome this time around?

Brandon: “I know what to expect. I kind of have to play his game. Shred God is ready, TRUST ME .”

Tim: “Is there any added motivation for you that you’re only on the Americanrana matinee show? Some fans like to rant about the perceived slight of pre-show matches. Is there any truth to that type of feeling from your end?”

Brandon: “I see it like this… I represent the New Crop and I’m proud to say that. My goal is to make sure it’s tough for the main card to top what we do. I have a thing or two up my sleeve”

Tim: “Who was/were your inspirations growing up which led to you becoming a wrestler?”

Brandon: “My favorites of all time are Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. Growing up, it varied from Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, John Cena.

Tim: “What’s been your favorite match of your career, either as a team or a singles competitor?”

Brandon: “Tough…in tag team action, probably against Juicy Product (JT Dunn & David Starr for FBW in Brooklyn.  Footage of that match is somewhere out there, if you find it I have some interesting stories about that night.”

Tim: “Do you have a dream opponent?”

Brandon: “Rey Mysterio.”

Tim: “Lastly, what should fans, especially newer Beyond fans who make Americanrana their first time seeing Beyond live, expect from the “Shred God” at Americanrana on July 30th?”

Brandon: “SHOW. STOLEN.”


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