Superstar Shakeup Rumored For After SummerSlam, NXT Expected To Be Heavily Involved

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are reports that there are possible plans for a Superstar shakeup coming again after Summerslam. This is not confirmed, but sources have told the WON that roster moves are coming in the fall. The Superstar shakeup did great ratings both nights, but there was a noticeable drop in the numbers afterwards. Many feel that the shakeup led to less interesting rosters, with many unexplained moves like Cena being billed as a free agent, Lesnar being scheduled for Smackdown live events and Jordan being moved from Smackdown to Raw with no explanation as to how the move was made.
One thing being discusses is sending a few names to NXT in the superstar shakeup. These people would be, “people who were major stars in NXT that Vince McMahon simply isn’t going to push even if they are over, or people who are doing nothing on the main roster with the idea they could be more useful as major players on NXT.”

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