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WWE vs. NJPW: Twelve Dream Matches I’d Love To See

With the New Japan G1 Climax Tournament taking place, many fans are making the trek over to and becoming exposed to NJPW for the first time, and realizing the amazing product that NJPW puts out on a regular basis. Eventually, this leads to a lot of fans dreaming and wishing that their favorites from WWE would square off with the top stars from NJPW. Now, as big of a WWE fan as I am, we all know that even if we created these matches under the WWE banner, we’d likely only get about 60% of the potential, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we could put all these guys in a vacuum, on an indy card in the middle of nowhere, and generate the greatest possible matchups available? I’ve compared both rosters, and put together the twelve matches I’d love to put together on the perfect WWE vs. NJPW indy supercard. I even went as far to say, if there were no unnecessary politics or egos involved, who I would have go over in each match. So, without any further ado:

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