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PWHaven Exclusive Interview: EYFBO Discusses Their Americanrana Match With Lucha Bros, Working With LAX, More

This Sunday, Beyond Wrestling holds their biggest show of the year, as Americanrana takes place at The White Eagle in Worcester, MA. Headlined by Matthew Riddle and Joey Janela, Americanrana is legitimately stacked with talent from top to bottom, and PWHaven will be bringing you multiple interviews with the stars of the show leading up to the event this weekend. Our final Americanrana interview is with two men I’ve been constantly impressed by since my first Beyond Wrestling event, Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik of EYFBO. We talk about the thrill of working with LAX in GFW, a group EYFBO has openly praised as being some of their favorite opponents of their career, their match Sunday with Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero, their loyalto to Beyond Wrestling, and more.

Tim: “When we spoke last year, you mentioned one of your favorite matches of your career was against LAX in Jersey All-Pro. Now you’re GFW Tag Team Champions as a part of LAX yourselves. How crazy has the past twelve months been for EYFBO?”

EYFBO: “The last 12 months have been coming fast. Its been wild, we have been thrown a lot. We were put in a situation where it was sink or swim. Luckily we swam. It’s a challenge but we are definitely up for it. Being a part of Lax along side Konnan, Homicide and Diamante has been a learning experience. Its like Wrestling 101 all over again on a different level. It’s awesome, everything we are learning. Just more fuel for us on the quest to be the best.

Tim: “GFW is obviously undergoing a sizable transition, combining their titles and moving forward as GFW rather than TNA. You guys came into the company and made a huge impact right as that change began to take shape, and many would list you as a major contributor to initiating that shift, on-screen anyway. How has your experience been with GFW so far, and how confident do you feel about their future and their chances of growing?”

EYFBO: So far its been awesome. Everybody is pretty chill. You get the feeling backstage that everyone is here to work and put out the best possible work they can. A lot of new faces are coming in and its awesome. GFW is taking chances on new talent. That’s what wrestling needs at this moment. New stars need to be born in order for wrestling to move forward. The ratings have been going up which is awesome. If things continue to go this way, we’re super-confident GFW will succeed.”

Tim: “We spoke briefly at Beyond Wrestling’s last show in Melrose, MA. and you mentioned to me that when joining GFW, it was extremely important for you both to continue working with Beyond Wrestling. What has it been about Beyond that’s fostered that level of loyalty and commitment from you both?”

EYFBO: Beyond is our home. Sauce boss aka Drew, has given us many opportunities. Put us in the ring with guys that made us better. We were also able to show we were ready for the next step. We really crafted and honed our tag team wrestling at Beyond. Plus the crowd is awesome. They appreciate the work you put out. It’s important for us to remember where you came from. Beyond is that place for us. The whole reason why Sauce Boss started Beyond was to give opportunity to those who get overlooked. We are the shining example of his goal. We want to give back to Beyond and get more eyes on it. Some of the best talent in the world have wrestled in a Beyond ring. Proof is in the pudding. Look at the card for Americanrana 17.”

Tim: “When the lineup for Americanrana was announced, there was already a bit of buzz that Penta El Zero and Rey Fenix may be involved, and there was immediately a ton of excitement on BW’s social media pages when it was announced they’d been paired against EYFBO. From your start as part of a faction with Team Pazuzu, how does it feel to be a team that many fans now look to for these “dream match” type scenarios?”

EYFBO: “Its awesome. I can remember before I started wrestling and thinking of “dream matches” of my favorite wrestlers. We are super excited to be wrestling the Lucha Bros. It’s another challenge. They definitely have a crazy buzz right now. So I know people are expecting our best work. Which they are going to get without out a doubt. Pazuzu has always been about being the nastiest! Our goal was to push each other to get to the next level and we did.”

Tim: “Speaking of Team Pazuzu, what is the status of Team Pazuzu in Beyond Wrestling? It’s been some time since we saw all of you together in a BW ring.”

EYFBO: “The last time was Caffeine in Orlando. We always rep Pazuzu. But we don’t wanna be that group that gets annoying. Right time, right place.

Tim: “How do you feel about your matchup with Fenix and Penta? What will be some of your biggest challenges in this matchup?”

EYFBO: “We can definitely wrestle the Lucha style, so we are more excited than anything to be in there with two of the best at the moment. I think if it was anywhere other than Beyond we would be nervous. But we are wrestling on our home turf. So if there are challenges they will be on their end.”

Tim: “Now that you’re both some of the longest-tenured Beyond Wrestling wrestlers, who are some of the up-and-coming guys you have your eye on as the next stars? Are there perhaps some unknown gems you’ve come across that Beyond has yet to uncover?”

EYFBO: “Brandon watts for sure. Rex lawless, Anthony Green, TDT, Acey baby…I can go on and name every single guy. Everyone! Other teams outside of beyond The Fraternity, Private Party, Super Savages. 

Tim: “Any final words for your opponents and the Beyond faithful heading into Americanrana on July 30th?”

EYFBO: “We’ll see you at Americanrana 17! I’ll be swiveling all night!”

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