Beyond Wrestling’s Americanrana ’17 Results

Here are your results for Beyond Wrestling’s Americanrana ’17, which took place yesterday at The White Eagle in Worcester, MA, headlined by Matthew Riddle taking on Joey Janela.

Matinee Show:

  • “Kingpin” Brian Milonas defeated Ace Romero by pinfall after his version of a Vader bomb.
  • Josh Briggs defeated Cam Zagami in a squash match.
  • “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams defeated Mikey Webb by pinfall following a nasty piledriver.
  • Ryan Galeone & Mike Verna defeated Da Hoodz and Anthony Stone in a 2-vs-3 handicap match after Dan Barry interference.
  • Jay Freddie defeated Rory Gulak by pinfall.
  • “Filthy” Tom Lawlor choked out Bobby Fish for a submission victory.
  • Brandon Watts defeated AR Fox with a frog splash. Zenshi(FKA Shynron) was revealed as the special referee for this match, signaling his return to Beyond Wrestling. This one saw a stage dive from Watts, missing Fox and crashing through a trash can arranged on two chairs. Crazy close to the matinee show. After the match, Zenshi challenged Watts to a match somewhere down the road.

Main Card:

  •   – Team Pawg (Jordynne Grace and LuFisto) defeated The Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson and Jaka) by pinfall. Dickinson gave a very passionate and heartfelt promo to the Beyond fans after this one.
  • Jonathan Gresham defeated Brian Cage with a quick roll-up following a very good match.
  • John Silver defeated JT Dunn by pinfall.
  • Chuck Taylor defeated Swoggle in the TLC match by pinfall while holding the tights. Lots of comedy here, with appearances from Massage NV, Johnny Cockstrong, “Supercop” Dick Justice, and more.
  • EYFBO defeated The Lucha Bros by pinfall. Match of the night in my opinion, which is saying something on this card.
  • David Starr defeated Donovan Dijak with the Product Placement suplex. Starr congratulated Dijak after the match, while Dijak announced his final Beyond Wrestling match will be on August 13th against WALTER.
  • Roppongi Vice defeated Da Hit Squad by pinfall. Much of this match was built around Mack and Trent’s issues, with Mack repeatedly ignoring the rest of the match to try and get to Trent. After the match, Mack shook Trent’s hand, and then spit in his face.
  • Joey Janela defeated Matt Riddle by submission with a crossface.



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