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WWE Decides Not To Bring Back Rey Mysterio, Issues With Konnan Reportedly To Blame

WWE has reportedly passed on a possible return for Rey Mysterio. According to Sports Illustrated, the company has decided not to bring the former WWE star back after showing initial interest last month.

There had been reports back in July that Mysterio was in talks with the company as well as Global Force Wrestling on a possible deal. SI’s Justin Barrasso says that WWE decided not to move forward because Vince McMahon was not interested in working with Konnan, who represents the Lucha Underground star.

It’s being said that McMahon has had issues with Konnan for years, stemming back to the early 1990s. McMahon poured thousands of dollars into Konnan’s Max Moon character at the time. However, he decided to focus on his rising star in Mexico and left WWE after just three televised appearances in the gimmick. He was also reported to have heat backstage with McMahon and others due to his negative attitude. Konnan was backstage at a recent WWE event visiting Chris Jericho and others, but he reportedly didn’t mend any fences at the time.

GFW is still a possibility for Mysterio, where he has a reported offer on the table. SI notes that Mysterio’s desire to maintain his own control of third-party bookings and his schedule may be a issue. That said, GFW may well decide that the positives of Mysterio’s name value are worth it.

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