Drew Cordeiro Discusses Beyond Wrestling Reaching 100,000 Subscribers, Future YouTube Plans

Drew Cordeiro spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso of Extra Mustard, and discussed the company reaching 100,000 subscribers on the Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube channel, and also announced that in the future, Beyond is planning to stream final edits of their shows for free on the channel. Cordeiro also discussed Beyond’s upcoming show in Somerville, MA, where they’re partnering for a doubleheader with PROGRESS Wrestling.
On Beyond’s YouTube Channel reaching 100,000 subscribers: “I’ll share an exclusive,” said Cordeiro. “My goal was always to get to 100,000 subscribers on, which is our free YouTube channel, and I wanted to get to the point where all of our shows were available for free. I’m still working out the details, but by next February’s Under Construction event, we’re going to be streaming all of our events.
YouTube is the number one video platform in the world, and we’re going to stick with that for our paid channel and our free one,” he said. “We’re not going to abandon a free YouTube channel that we started in 2009 just because the ad money isn’t coming in any more, and we certainly urge people to subscribe to both as they will each have exclusive content.”
(Editor’s note: Drew clarified to PWH that these streams will be the final edits of shows, not live shows. Also, while the plan is for February’s event, “Under Construction” to be the first show streamed, there is no set timetable as of now.)

On their reputation for being a launching pad for wrestlers: “The reason we stay a step ahead of everyone else is because that has always been our entire purpose,” said Cordeiro. “A lot of companies think they’ll be the next WWE or even the next Ring of Honor, but I am comfortable with our position in the world of professional wrestling as a launch pad. We’re here to identify those who are overlooked, underutilized, or on the verge of something very special.”
On the show with PROGRESS, and not wanting to announce the card: ““Wrestling, to me, is all about expectations,” said Cordeiro. “One of the reasons fans criticize the WWE so much is because a lot of the scenarios they can come up with at home are not only feasibly but also more interesting than what WWE comes up with. If there is no card announced, expectations can run wild, which could be a little dangerous, but we have earned a reputation where we deliver and fans have faith in us. I just want to surprise our fans.
“I was hesitant to even announce Dijak vs. Walter, but Dijak really wanted to let people know this was going to be his final match for Beyond Wrestling. I wanted to have people think Americanrana was going to be his final match, then surprise people in Somerville when Dijak came out. But Donovan doesn’t want people to miss his match with Walter, which is one he is really looking forward to having. The show is going to be full of surprises and will have one of our most stacked lineups.”

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