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The Empress Reigns: Why Asuka Should Defeat Ember Moon At NXT: Takeover

All good things must come to an end. A saying known by all, and one which holds true in almost every scenario, despite one’s best efforts to prevent it. However, it’s important to note an extremely crucial fact about this saying, often left out of the cliché. All good things must come to an end…at the appropriate time.

Saturday night, at NXT: Takeover Brooklyn, is not the time for Asuka’s reign of dominance to end.

More importantly, Asuka’s opponent on Saturday, Ember Moon, despite her best efforts, is not the right opponent to dethrone the Empress of Tomorrow.

Now, I know that many are very high on Ember, and deservedly so. Since her flashy debut, Ember has impressed many with her exotic look and innovative finishing move, and many pointed to her early in her NXT career as the one to eventually conquer Asuka. In their first encounter, we saw the first hint of Asuka resorting to underhanded tactics to retain her title, leading many to think that Moon would find a way to emerge victorious when the two women met again. However, in the meantime since then, we’ve unfortunately been unable to see considerable growth from Ember Moon, although admittedly, that isn’t entirely her fault.

Ember’s injury may have short-circuited her story to a degree, but while that makes it a bit unfair to judge her on that time, it doesn’t change the fact that this push towards a potential title reign seems slightly forced. Let’s face it, even with Asuka’s dastardly ways of late, she’s far more popular than Moon, and outside of Ember’s Eclipse finisher, Asuka demands a far louder reaction. Now, Ember is easily the most athletic woman on the roster, and has greatness ahead of her no matter how Saturday turns out, however, at this point she has not done enough to take the Championship from Asuka. It’s a classic case of the unwritten wrestling rule: the Title doesn’t make the talent, the talent makes the Title. If Ember wins Saturday, it’s a sign that those in power are hoping that the NXT Women’s Championship will validate Ember Moon as a top star in NXT, when the evidence simply doesn’t support her in that role.

Does that mean Ember can never get there? Not at all. However, NXT has to put some serious work into their women’s division, a division which has never truly recovered from the departure of the Four Horsewomen, and fast-tracking Ember to a title does nothing to help that. Asuka should win Saturday, and then, with the Mae Young Classic exposing the WWE Universe to a bevy of new female competitors in a couple of weeks, should begin truly building multiple contenders to the throne. See who pops on a large basis through the classic, and begin having them slowly ascend the ladder in NXT. And if nobody truly impresses the way so many did during the CWC? Then you now have 6-8 months between now and WrestleMania weekend to truly build Ember the correct way, and position her to be a worthy and deserving challenger to Asuka. However, at this point, you can argue either Nikki Cross or Ruby Riot are more “ready” than Ember, and a hasty decision to end Asuka’s reign could prove disastrous to Ember’s future as a true fan favorite in NXT.

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