Kazuchika Okada #1 In 2017 PWI 500, Says NJPW Is “Far Superior” To WWE

Pro Wrestling Illustrated has released it’s annual “PWI 500” online and for print order, but the cover art has confirmed huge news regarding the #1 Wrestler this year. Kazuchika Okada tops the 2017 list, becoming the first ever Japanese star to grace the #1 spot in the PWI 500.


In speaking with PWI regarding his ranking, Okada commented on whether he plans to follow in the footsteps of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, and leave NJPW for WWE:

““It’s not something I think about,” Okada said. “New Japan is far superior to WWE when it comes to the quality of the roster and the quality of the matches. One thing I will say is that I do pay attention to what Finn Balor, AJ, and Nakamura are doing, and they look like they’re having fun. I might want to wrestle them again someday, but I might want to do that in New Japan. Hell, I might want to be like some other people and become a movie star or join the UFC. You never know.”


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