Neville Walks Out Of RAW, Reportedly Asks For His Release

Neville is rumored to have requested his release at Raw on Monday, and a new report says that there appears to be some truth to the situation. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that while they have not been able to officially confirm the information, they asked their sources in the company about the report and most people say that there does appear to be some level of truth to the claim. More details are not available yet.

Neville was initially set to lose to Enzo Amore in the main event match on Raw, which was a lumberjack match. Instead, plans changed after Neville apparently walked out before the show. Kalisto got the spot and won the championship. PWInsider had previously reported that Neville was supposed to be in the match but that it was changed to Kalisto because WWE had ” written themselves into a corner” after Neville lost out on a title shot because he assaulted Enzo a few weeks back. Kalisto’s win was also done to tie into Eddie Guerrero’s fiftieth birthday.

It is not known whether the release was granted or not.

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