Latest Details On Why Neville Is Unhappy With WWE And Seeking Release

Neville was unhappy with his position within WWE since January, according to a new report. SI reports that the WWE star, who is rumored to have walked out on Raw last week, has been “miserable” in WWE since the beginning of the year.

The site notes that his walkout occurred nine moths later than many people expected it to happen. As far as his release, the outlet reports that he angered Vince McMahon and is “betting on himself” to find success in Ring of Honor. It also reiterates reports that Neville has been particularly unhappy since his title match with Austin Aries was moved from WrestleMania 33 to the Kickoff show.

In addition to his unhappiness stemming from his match with Austin Aries at WrestleMania 33 being bumped to the Kickoff show (costing him a payday since his match did not make it on the WrestleMania 33 DVD), Sports Illustrated also adds that another factor that led to Neville’s current issues with WWE is that he found out that since leaving WWE, Aries made more in a six week stretch on the independent scene than Neville would have made in WWE during the same time period, with less travel than the tough WWE schedule. Aries himself took a shot at WWE’s pay, saying he made more in six weeks on the indy scene than he did in four months in WWE.

Neville also felt that WWE only viewed him as a “get over” guy in that the company only saw him as a guy who could get other wrestlers over.

Neville is betting on himself to do well in ROH, NJPW, and the indy scene.

Vince McMahon is angry with Neville and views bailing on the company as a kiss of death, but Neville will need McMahon to grant him a release so that he can pursue the indy scene as he wants to do.

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