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“Whaddya Got Ovah Here?” Why Pairing With Enzo Amore Is A Blessing For Nia Jax

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lifelong wrestling fan, but sometimes wrestling fans are the most predictable group on the planet. Case in point; last night’s brief segment between Enzo Amore and Nia Jax. As soon as the segment ended, I found myself drawn to social media, fueled by my morbid curiosity to confirm my educated suspiscions. The story was only 45 seconds in, and I already knew;

People are going to HATE this.

Now, I understand part of that hatred is simply because of Enzo, and fans who can’t stand Enzo aren’t going to give anything involving the “Certified G” a fair shot. However, while I wasn’t surprised, I am a bit confused by the Nia Jax fans who immediately rebelled against the notion that Jax may finally be receiving consistent screen time, not to mention an opportunity for some true character development. What, you preferred the “dominant female who somehow can’t avoid hitting the ring post and losing” routine?

The fact of the matter is that this partnership appears to be beneficial to both parties. Not only will Nia see huge returns from increased TV time with Enzo on both RAW and 205 Live, but Enzo’s heat is only magnified by hiding behind a female bodyguard, even in 2017, when intergender wrestling is hugely popular. And for those who feel Jax is “lessened” in this bodyguard/valet type role, I have one name for you; Chyna. If Jax has half of the career Chyna had by following a similar path, she’s become a major success. Plus, imagine if Enzo’s ridiculous antics inevitably wear on Jax, possibly leading to a rare intergender contest in WWE, where Jax destroys Amore, and the huge reaction that will garner for Jax. 

Ultimately, it’s not a groundbreaking opinion to say that, in general, wrestling fans don’t often give storylines time to develop before declaring them complete failures. Often times, it’s not until long after a story has been completely told that fans are able (and willing) to acknowledge how they benefited those involved. However, consider this my minor effort to convince you to give this Enzo/Nia partnership a real chance to succeed. At the very least, if the new love affair causes jealousy for Enzo’s running mate Drew Gulak, we’ll get one hell of a PowerPoint out of it.

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