Chris Jericho Calls Tetsuya Naito A “Stupid Idiot” Over Claims WK12 Isn’t A Double Main Event

Chris Jericho recently appeared on Busted Open Radio (via wrestlinginc.com), and spoke about Tetsuya Naito being upset about Omega and Jericho calling the WrestleKingdom 12 event a “double main event.”

“It kind of shows how stupid he is because yes, it is a double main event and if he really believes the Tokyo Dome ticket sales are two-and-a-half times greater than they were last year at this same time, if he truly believes that’s because of him and Okada, then he’s a real stupid idiot, there’s no doubt about it,” Jericho said. “And if I went there and I said, ‘Oh, for sure it’s Omega vs. Jericho, it’s Alpha vs. Omega, through the roof is the main event,’ I’d be a stupid idiot, but I’m smart, I understand how the business works. You’ve got the two guys that are two of the greatest performers in the world, the match that nobody thought would happen, that’s the main event. Then you’ve got the world title match of Okada vs. Naito, the two Japanese guys fighting over New Japan’s most prestigious title, that’s the main event. It is a double main event, that’s why the tickets are selling so well, because it’s a one-two punch. For Naito to say that shows that he’s an idiot, because if he was smart he would admit that it’s a double main event and say how huge it is and put more money in his pocket,” Jericho said. “But you know what? I’ll save that money for me and he can go back to doing ‘Tranquilito’ or ‘Despacito’ or whatever the hell it is he’s doing.”

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