Sasha Banks Thinks Womens Rumble Match Will Happen, Says She Can Knock Out Ronda Rousey

In an interview with SportsKeeda, Sasha Banks spoke about making history at UAE with Alexa Bliss, as well as the possibility of a women’s Royal Rumble. Here are highlights:

On if she thinks a Royal Rumble match will happen soon:
“Yes, I do actually and that’s coming up in January so we’ll see what happens.”

On which women influenced her:
“Well it was mostly the guys for me, Eddie Guerrero #1. As far as women are concerned, it was Manami Toyota and Japanese pro wrestling. She was the one who influenced me the most. Other than her, I also loved Molly Holly and Jacqueline. Getting to see Jaqueline getting inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame was really awesome.”

On a possible Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen match:
“I think anything is possible here in the WWE. I’ve heard rumours of Ronda Rousey coming here and they just signed Shayna so I say, bring it. But, they’re not us and they’ll never be us and they’re not wrestlers so good luck booboos. Actually, I know Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I’m really strong, so I think I can knock out Ronda Rousey in a heartbeat. Boom.”

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