Kenny Omega And Chris Jericho Brawl At WK12 Press Conference

At this morning’s NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 press conference, Kenny Omega spoke about his issues with Chris Jericho. Omega had his head bandaged after being attacked by Jericho at the World Tag League finals. Chris Jericho also made an appearance and spoke about his attack at yesterday’s World Tag League finals event. Kenny Omega crashed Jericho’s part of the presser, attacking and brawling with him. 

Once the brawl was done, Jericho grabbed the mic and spoke about the match, noting that it isn’t about stars ratings and that the match will be a fight and a war.
Here are the highlights of Jericho’s comments afterwards:

“This is going to be a match that you have never seen in New Japan. This is not about five stars, seven stars, this is not about how many times you can go for your finishing move. This is a fight, it’s a war, it’s Alpha vs. Omega and Kenny, you are going to get the s–t kicked out of you, do you understand me? “I’ve been to Japan sixty times. This match is the most important match I’ve ever had in Japan!”

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