Jonathan Coachman Speculates Vince McMahon May Be Interested In Purchasing The Carolina Panthers

Jonathan Coachman spoke to TMZ recently about the possibility of Vince McMahon not only getting back into football, but the possibility that Vince may be interested in purchasing the Carolina Panthers:

On The XFL Possibly Returning: I’m going to have to say yes. Only Vince and the crew that works for him can put together a football league in a matter of months. I would say that is a crazy thought but I would like to say that I was in the room last time and two months later they were having games. I think that’s one of the things you have to think about. When do you want to do the league? How much time do you want to give the players to get in shape? What kind of players are you going to go after? Best believe Vince has been doing some kind of research behind the scenes because he’s not going to come out and blow 50 or 100 million dollars on something that he has already tried. If he calls me, because I am the only person in the history of the world to be the voice of Monday Night RAW and be on ESPN SportsCenter for 10 years, if Vince calls for someone who knows both sides of the fence you’re damn right I am going to pick up the phone! Just because he is talking about getting back into football let’s remember where Vince’s home base is… North Carolina. He has a restaurant in North Carolina. Hell, Triple H’s bachelor party was in Raleigh, NC!

On Vince Possibly Purchasing The Carolina Panthers: I don’t know. I am just saying, how good would it be? All this came out the last couple of days that P Diddy is trying to get together a group. Again, the old crotchity owners wouldn’t want P Diddy and his crew in there which I think that would be a mistake by the owners. Vince has legitimate money. He’s a billionaire. He could come up with the funds and he’s also at the age where the other owners would respect that. I am not saying that he would but I think that is a second possibility that people aren’t tossing out there because they want to believe the he would start his own entity

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