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Exclusive Interview: JT Dunn Discusses Upcoming Debut Show For WHAT! Wrestling

JT Dunn as been known as “Pro Wrestling’s Savior” for a long time, and soon, in the Providence area, that nickname may take on a bit more meaning. Dunn will be a part of WHAT: Wrestling Has A Tomorrow’s debut show taking place in Dunn’s hometown of Providence, RI on Sunday, January 14th from Fete Music Hall. It’s a venue that means a lot to Dunn, where he’s had some of his greatest moments, including defeating The Young Bucks as part of Death By Elbow. However, Fete hasn’t seen any Professional Wrestling in some time, and with Dunn being heavily rooted in the New England, and specifically, the Providence Indy scene, it’s only fitting he’s on the show bringing wrestling back to Fete.

(Note: This interview took place before it was announced JT Dunn would be facing Tommy Dreamer on the debut show.) 

You’ve been heavily involved in the promotion for Wrestling Has A Tomorrow since its debut show was announced. How involved were you in WHAT’s formation, and what is your “official role”? 

JT: Correct, Wrestling Has A Tomorrow will give Providence some life again and that is something that I can get behind. I take my responsibility to keep New England a destination area very seriously. Even more so my home of Providence,RI. When I believe in someone’s vision and I also believe it will do good, I put everything I have behind it. My official role is to make this promotion the absolute best it can be. 

You’ve mentioned your determination to bring quality Wrestling to Providence, but this is also Wrestlings first return to Fete Music in some time. What’s the connection with Fete, and why is it so conducive to Wrestling?

JT: Honestly, I believe Fete Music Hall is the perfect venue for professional wrestling. I have been to multiple events inside that venue and nothing feels right, nothing feels like wrestling does in there. I also believe that this area has some of the most passionate fans. Add that with the venue and it makes for such a great atmosphere. One that talent from around the world will want to perform in front of. Making New England a destination even more.  

Is there anyone on the card for January’s show that you’re particularly keeping an eye on? Anyone on the verge of breaking out who might capitalize on this new platform?

JT: I think there is opportunity everywhere on this show. An opportunity to really make a name for yourself as well as solidifying the name you have attained. Everyone on this show has something to prove. First match through the last. That’s exciting.

What impact do you think Tommy Dreamer will have on the debut of WHAT?

JT: Many, myself included, have compared the atmosphere of Fete Music to that of the infamous ECW Arena. Tommy Dreamer inside of Fete should be absolutely ridiculous. Tommy is a wrestling Icon who everyone has the utmost respect for and rightfully so. It should be a great foundation to build off of having Dreamer on the debut event. 

As the name clearly illustrates, there is a definite eye towards the future with WHAT. What types of goals are you working towards with WHAT long-term?

JT: I would like to see WHAT! aid the area rather than harm it. There is so much talent in New England and a lot more that wants to perform here. Finding a perfect balance is key. Also being different than everything around and delivering quality shows isn’t easy but it is doable. I am excited to see new talent in the area, it should bring the competitive spirits out of the other wrestlers which means amazing professional wrestling. 

You were injured a few weeks back at a CZW show. How’s it healing, and when are you hoping to be back in the ring?

JT: Yes, unfortunately I was injured at a CZW event. At this moment I don’t have an exact timetable. However, it is healing and I hope to be back soon. I will not rush back because a torn hamstring could have lasting effects. I absolutely dislike missing shows and losing the chance to do what I love but some things take time. 

We’ve already seen Tenille Dashwood announced for the February show. Without giving much away, are there any names, local or otherwise, you’ve already pegged as targets for future shows?

JT: The Best. WHAT! looks to take the  top talent from all around and mix it with the hidden gems from the surrounding areas. Adding in the Providence atmosphere with Fete Music and Wrestling certainly Has A Tomorrow. 

Any parting words for those of us coming to Fete on 1/14? 

JT: Professional Wrestling when done right is absolutely the most fascinating thing although I may be biased. If you love professional wrestling come to WHAT!. This will be something different and exciting so if you see someone announced that you’re a fan of, come see them. Come to cheer, boo, eat, drink (or not drink) or even stand awkwardly quiet in the corner. Come see the beginning of something special.

If you’re in the New England area, and want to be there for Wrestling Has A Tomorrow’s debut show, purchase tickets at this link.

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